Roadcook (2018)

During her career, Cristina Branco has created a path of her own. Fado is one of the starting points that has led her to partnerships with poets, authors and composers. The international expansion of her talent resulted in an assiduity between airports, train stations, endless car trips, constant temperature differences, dressing rooms, hotels and waiting hours.

The most obvious effect of these adventures on the road happened with her instrument: the voice. Upon her return to Portugal she had a medical check-up that changed her life: “Mineral water is mostly acidic, (…) and contributes to that burning sensation in the throat!”. That was the changing point. After researching, she started a very unassuming alkaline regimen, improving her diet and that of her family.

From there it was a small step to take these new habits to the road with her usual partners (musicians and technicians). That’s when the idea of ‘RoadCook’ came up. A set of practical, quick and healthy recipes to be prepared anywhere, wherever the road takes us. A special and unexpected sharing from Cristina Branco.