With 18 albums released and countless concerts worldwide, Cristina Branco is a true ambassador of Portuguese culture. Traditional music is her main aesthetic root, but the influence of jazz, literature, and the musicians she shares the stage with give her art a universal character and sublime charm. Her work is a significant contribution to the dissemination and defense of Portuguese music, language, and authors. In her albums, Cristina gives voice to different generations of authors such as António Lobo Antunes, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, José Afonso, Manuela de Freitas, José Mário Branco, Sérgio Godinho, Pedro da Silva Martins, Mário Laginha, Teresinha Landeiro, Jorge Cruz, Francisca Cortesão, among many others.

She began her artistic journey in the Netherlands with ‘Cristina Branco in Holland’ (1997), an album that turned into a true success in that country. In the following years, her name resonated throughout Europe, with sold-out dates in numerous cities. Her subsequent works, ‘Murmúrios’ (1998) and ‘Post-Scriptum’ (2000), reinforced this good moment, and Cristina was awarded two Prix Choc by the magazine Le Monde de La Musique.

Following are ‘Abril’ (2007), an album with versions of songs by José Afonso, ‘Kronos’ (2009), and ‘Fado Tango’ (2011), the iconic tenth studio album, which features collaborations with various renowned Portuguese authors and anticipates Cristina’s artistic resurgence, which would come a few years later with ‘Menina’. Considered the Best Album of the Year by the Portuguese Authors Society (SPA), ‘Menina’ (2016) is the first chapter of a trilogy that includes ‘Branco’ (2018) and ‘Eva’ (2020). In these works, Cristina Branco gathers unusual collaborations, crossing styles and genres, resulting in unique and innovative interpretations of fado.

In 2022 – celebrating her 25th career anniversary – Cristina Branco had more than 40 concerts throughout Europe and released ‘Amoras numa Tarde de Outono’, an album in collaboration with pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva.

Her latest album, ‘Mãe’, released in September 2023, is a heartfelt tribute to Fado. The album has been warmly received with sold-out audiences, on a remarkable national and international journey with dates in Bogotá, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Ljubljana, Dortmund, Hamburg, Porto, Lagoa, Ílhavo, Lisbon, Braga, Paris, Bordeaux, Zurich, Spain, Panama, the Netherlands, and Belgium. In “Mãe,” the singer is accompanied by musicians Bernardo Couto on Portuguese guitar, Luís Figueiredo on piano, and Bernardo Moreira on double bass.

In 2024, Cristina Branco joins the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the April 25th in an exciting tour, bringing to the stage the album “Abril,” an authentic manifestation of respect and admiration for José Afonso.

“In Cristina Branco’s music, there is a clarity, almost a translucency, that illuminates the words (…) it’s music for the heart.” – All Music

It is possible to listen to this album as if it were a ballet (…) The result is always surprising. And beautiful, it must be said.” – In Time Out

“The new album by Cristina Branco is titled ‘Mãe’. (…) It is, once again, a diamond. (…) Branco returns to traditional fado and retains what is essential: the truth.”Valter Hugo Mãe, in Notícias Magazine

“Fado was her ‘gateway’ to music, but Cristina Branco says it took 26 years to reach her essence. ‘Mãe,’ the album that marks this encounter (…)” – In Público